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my name is ryan henry

I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, where I discovered how fitness could unite people and improve lives. Today, I own and operate RyFitness, driven by the belief that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. My fitness journey began during college, where I earned a degree in Exercise Science from the University of West Florida. Inspired by my early clients, including my mother and her friends who achieved remarkable transformations, I launched my career as a personal trainer.

I accepted a position as as the Director of Sports Performance at Chicago State University. During my time there, I connected with student-athletes and focused on athletic excellence and community engagement. Alongside my university role, I organized events like "Walk with Mommy" to educate women about breast cancer and hosted the "Healthy Kids Backpack" Giveaway to raise awareness about childhood obesity. Now, with a new gym in Tamarac, Florida, my ongoing dream is to inspire individuals of all ages to embrace fitness, leading healthier lives and fostering a stronger sense of community. I look forward to guiding and supporting you in achieving your health and fitness goals.

our mission

attain maximum performance

At RyFitness, our mission is to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their health and fitness goals through personalized training programs, community engagement, and education. We are committed to fostering a supportive environment where everyone can look, feel, and live their best, promoting holistic wellness and a strong sense of community.

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